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Sad it’s over. Amazing little game! Simple and smart.

Shaky Screen

The screen shakes occasionally while playing the game. For most people, the screen shakes infrequently enough to cause no problem. I am not one of them. I wish there is an option to turn off the glitch simulation.

Best Puzzle Game Of 2018! 👌

This game seemed simple and challenging in the beginning, but now I realize the different strategies to move the blocks to the portal. It’s a great game, but until you realize how to move all of the blocks into the portal, I suggest you invest in an extra charger or play on a full charge. Other than that this game is definitely worth the money! I recommend this if you love challenging puzzle games 100%

Stack and crack

I am so stuck at 11/15.... isn’t there anyway to get hints?

Challenging and fun

Downloaded this app just a few days ago and am sadly already on the final levels! I usually run through puzzle games in a day but this one was the perfect amount of challenging and introduced new elements throughout the levels! I can’t believe there aren’t more reviews here!I’m hoping for a stack and crack 2 ;) Update: it seems like there is a minor glitch on level 91 (8/13 on Journey Ends). I was trying to use the back button and at one point the only part of the screen changing was the toggle tile for the partitioner. The only way to get back was to start the level over. :)

Original and fun

A nice puzzle concept that's challenging and fun. A couple of weird graphics glitches but not enough to detract from the game. There are a lot of good ideas in the puzzles but I feel like there could be more of the harder puzzles for each new puzzle mechanic introduced.


This is a great game concept and I executed perfectly! The game is easy at first but becomes more challenging which is good. Well worth the price! This is perfect for any puzzle lover

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